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Frequently Asked Questions

When I click the download link, nothing happens. Why?
The download server can be overloaded or can be temporary down. Try again later or try to download our products from another site, for example from (search for "samlogic").

I have downloaded the shareware / demo, how do I do to start the installation?
The easiest way is to double click on the EXE file in the Windows Explorer. Or select Open in the download progress dialog box when the download is finished.

I have downloaded the shareware / demo; when I start the installation there is an error message, why?
This can happen if the downloaded file become damaged during the download. The best is to delete the downloaded file and then try to download it again. If the error remains, contact us.

I have downloaded the shareware / demo and when I start the installation I get a security warning.
This is a normal Windows behaviour that occurs if you start an installaton that has been downloaded from Internet. To run the installation you just need to click the Run button in the dialog box.

In which operating systems will the files work?
All executable files on this server will work in all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 11, and in Windows Server 2008 and later. Read the system requirements for each program to see which Windows is the oldest that the program can be run on. 

Will the programs work in a Macintosh computer?
The programs can be run in a Macintosh computer if you use VMware Fusion or Microsoft Virtual PC (or similar software) to simulate a PC computer with a Windows installed. Some of our customers do this for our commercial programs and it works fine. Running the programs directly in a Macintosh computer without such a virtualization system is not possible.

Are your demos and shareware at the download server virus tested?
Yes, we test our installations files and its contents regularly for virus and we use different anti-virus program to make the check. The self-extracting installation files have also an in-built checksum test system (a kind of CRC check) so any changes in the EXE-file will be discovered immediately. Our program files and installation files are also code signed to make sure that the have not been altered since build and setup creation.

What is the difference between the shareware and demo versions?
Some of our programs exists in both a demo version and a shareware version. The demo version is normally more restricted so if you want to test the program more freely you can download the shareware version instead. If you only want to take a closer look at the program before purchase you can download the demo version.

Can I uninstall the shareware / demo in an easy way?
Yes, it is easy to uninstall the shareware or demo that you installed. Normally there will be an uninstall shortcut (icon) in the same program menu (group) that the installed program. But you can also uninstall the program via the Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall a program option in Windows, as you do with other programs you want to uninstall.
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